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Dongguan Yuhua shoes material Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production and research of sole for 20 years. It was formerly Dongguan Chuangjing shoes material Co., Ltd. and renamed Dongguan Yuhua shoes material Co., Ltd. in 2017. The company always adheres to the concept of "create the future together, enjoy the grand scenery" to operate and manage the enterprise. The company is positioned as a "sole manufacturing expert" in the field of shoe materials, and a school for business talents. The company has always attached great importance to the R & D and production of new products. Moreover, due to the demand of the market for environmental protection, the company passed the GRS certification of the international environmental protection recyclable materials in December 2019. Among them, the recyclable environmental protection materials of rubber products account for more than 55%, and the TPR bottom can be recycled to 100%.
We attach great importance to the management and development of the company. In order to better adapt to the rapid changes in the market and the needs of customers, improve production capacity, product quality and quasi delivery rate, also in order to quickly cultivate and improve the management ability of core talents, and provide a platform for the future development of talents who are willing to dance with Yuhua for a long time, the company hired Liu Mingxuan, a famous professor of Peking University, to carry out the transformation of business model and standardization of enterprise management for the company In the beginning of 2012, we established and practiced the "Factory chain operation mode". The factory chain operation mode is a kind of enterprise operation and management mode that takes the headquarters as the decision-making body to make strategic planning, business policies and determine the operation direction, and guides and manages many specialized Bu small-scale factories with standardized enterprise operation and management mode Type.
Main advantages of the chain operation mode of the factory:
1. On the basis of optimizing the organizational structure and personnel, the production efficiency, per capita production capacity and product quality have been greatly improved; 2. Because the production equipment, technology and process standards of Bu factories of the same nature are completely unified, the company can split large orders into Bu factories, so that on the basis of unified raw material supply and quality standard requirements, the company can shrink Short total production cycle of orders, and improve the delivery rate; 3. Because different Bu factories are specially designed for certain types of products, they can achieve specialization, and directly serve customers through Bu factories, so as to provide VIP services for customers and improve service efficiency. Since the "Factory chain operation mode" was gradually implemented at the beginning of 2012, at present, there are 4 Bu boutique factories under Chuangjing headquarters, which provide professional VIP services for customers and have achieved initial results. Our strategic goal is to become a benchmark enterprise in the next 10 years.

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