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Advantages of TPR outsole

Release time:2020-05-25 Source:Dongguan Yuhua shoes material Co., Ltd

Advantages of TPR outsole:
1. It can be processed by general thermoplastic molding machine without special processing equipment.
2. The production efficiency has been greatly improved. It can be vulcanized directly by rubber injection molding machine, and the time is shortened from about 20min to less than 1min; because the required vulcanization time is very short, it can be vulcanized directly by extruder, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
3. Easy to recycle and reduce cost. The waste (escaping burr, extruding waste rubber) and the final waste products produced in the production process can be directly returned for reuse; the used TPE old products can be recycled after simple regeneration to reduce environmental pollution and expand the source of renewable resources.
4. Energy saving. Most thermoplastic elastomers do not need to be vulcanized or the vulcanization time is very short, which can effectively save energy. Take the energy consumption of high-pressure hose production as an example: 188mj / kg for rubber, 144mj / kg for TPE, which can save more than 25% energy.
5. Wider application field. Because TPE has the advantages of both rubber and plastic, it has opened up a new application field for rubber industry.
6. It can be used for reinforcing and toughening plastics. It has the advantages of large self reinforcement, simplified formulation, less influence of the admixture on the polymer, and easier to master the quality and performance. However, the heat resistance of TPE is not as good as that of rubber. With the increase of temperature, the physical properties of TPE decrease greatly, so its application range is limited. At the same time, the compression deformation, elastic recovery and durability of rubber are worse than that of rubber, and the price is often higher than that of rubber of the same kind. However, the advantages of TPE are still outstanding, and various new TPE products are constantly developed. As a new type of rubber material for energy conservation and environmental protection, its development prospect is very promising.

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